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Press Releases

Eaglehawk community confirms bright future for primary school

Friday, June 06, 2014

Thursday 23 June 2011

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan visited Eaglehawk today to send a clear message to the community that the Eaglehawk Primary School would stay open under the Victorian Coalition Government.

While visiting the school, Mr Ryan and Member for Northern Victoria Damian Drum released the recommendations of the Scaffidihugh-Jones community consultation report into the future of the school, commissioned by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
“The consultation report includes input from the school, the school community and residents of Eaglehawk about the best way to ensure a sustainable future for the school,” Mr Ryan said.
“I am delighted to announce today that the $2 million allocated for Eaglehawk Primary School in the May Budget will support the community’s recommendations on infrastructure upgrades.

“The funding will include new toilets, upgraded information communication technology, improved heating and cooling and improved disabled access in the first instance, with additional improvements to be determined once initial work has been completed.”

Mr Ryan said the report included a number of other recommendations, including the need for:

• greater certainty around the future of the school for staff and the community;
• greater community involvement, particularly if the school becomes a community hub;
• meeting the students’ perceived higher emotional and educational needs;
• a plan to build enrolments; and
• the development of a broader curriculum and access to extra-curricular activities.

Education Minister Martin Dixon said the Victorian Coalition Government had honoured its election commitment to invest in Eaglehawk Primary School and to work with the community to secure its future.

“The previous Labor Government’s plan to close the school caused a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty for teachers, students and local families,” Mr Dixon said.

“The Coalition Government is listening to Victorians – we listened to the people of Eaglehawk, and we are investing to ensure this school stays open,” Mr Dixon said.

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