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Flood recovery assistance available following Gippsland floods

Friday, June 06, 2014

People and businesses impacted by the most recent floods in Gippsland are eligible to consider a number of grants and low interest business recovery loans activated by the Victorian Coalition Government.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan said families, households and businesses had been hit hard by the deluge, which came on top of severe flooding in the region earlier this year.

“A range of support mechanisms are in place and rapid impact assessment teams are continuing to gather information on damage caused in the region,” Mr Ryan said.

“Assistance measures available include emergency flood assistance grants and low interest loans under the joint State-Commonwealth Natural Disaster Relief Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

“The Coalition Government has also extended coverage under the $10 million Victorian Business Flood Recovery Fund for eligible businesses impacted by the recent Gippsland floods.”

Details of each category of assistance is available below:

Category A

Category A assistance under NDRRA provides for emergency re-establishment payments to help those impacted by flood waters.

This form of assistance was activated on June 5 by the Victorian Coalition Government.

A total of 129 payments have been made under the Victorian Coalition Government’s Personal Hardship Assistance Program, which provides relief assistance of up to $480 per adult and $240 per child up to a maximum of $1,200 per household to cover emergency shelter, food, clothing, or personal items.

In addition, emergency re-establishment assistance payments are available which provide up to $30,000 to eligible Victorians in extreme hardship, and who meet eligibility criteria.

Category B

Under Category B NDRRA assistance, low-interest loans of up to $200,000 are available for primary producers, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations affected by the Gippsland floods.

The loans are administered by the Rural Finance Corporation of Victoria and can assist farmers and businesses by helping them to meet recovery costs.

Significant assistance is also available to meet the majority of councils’ costs of repairing roads, bridges and other essential public infrastructure.

$10 million Victorian Business Flood Recovery Fund

The Victorian Business Flood Recovery Fund is available to eligible businesses in the Gippsland region impacted by the most recent flood event.  This fund is designed to provide funding for larger businesses (20 employees or more) that are seeking to expand their existing regional operations or establish a new presence to create new jobs and investment in affected areas.

Mr Ryan said the Victorian Coalition Government would continue to collect information on flood damage in the region to support an application for further assistance under NDRRA.

“In addition to the measures outlined above, the Coalition Government is currently performing Rapid Impact Assessments which pulls together key information about the flooding event and its impact,” Mr Ryan said.

“When complete, this information will be provided to the Commonwealth in support of access to NDRRA Category C clean-up and recovery grants for the Gippsland Flood event.”

Member for Gippsland East Tim Bull said despite the widespread damage caused by the latest flood event, communities had rallied together to begin the clean-up and recovery process.

“This has been a very trying time for many people in the Gippsland region, but as always, people have shown great resilience and willingness to offer support,” Mr Bull said.

“I remain hopeful that once all the impact information is made available, the Commonwealth will support an application for Category C assistance to provide further support as the region recovers.”

Information about the Victorian Coalition Government’s emergency flood assistance grants is available

Information about the Victorian Business Flood Recovery Fund is available at

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