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Press Releases

Government collaboration with philanthropy takes a step forward

Friday, June 06, 2014
Acting Premier Peter Ryan joined representatives of Victoria’s philanthropic community in Melbourne this week for the launch of a new publication that highlights the key attributes of successful philanthropic collaborations.

Mr Ryan said the Guiding Principles for Collaboration Between Government and Philanthropy brochure would support even more effective partnerships between philanthropic grant-makers and the Victorian Coalition Government.

“The guiding principles have been developed in consultation with key philanthropic organisations to promote stronger partnerships and better support for the not-for-profit community sector,” Mr Ryan said.

“Some of the key areas highlighted in the document include the importance of setting specific goals for each collaboration, understanding the roles of participants, the importance of frank communication and the need to establish an evaluation framework.

“Using these guiding principles, the Coalition Government and philanthropy can look forward to better ways of working together, to create resilient, liveable and prosperous communities across Victoria.”

Mr Ryan said the guiding principles document was developed following extensive consultation and feedback from philanthropic grant-makers.

“We are fortunate to have a very generous philanthropic sector in Victoria that contributes significantly to many of the things that make our state great, like the arts for instance,” Mr Ryan said.

“Philanthropy Australia estimates that philanthropic trusts and foundations provide up to $1 billion annually to not-for-profit community sector organisations across the nation.”

For more information about Guiding Principles for Collaboration between Government and Philanthropy or to download a copy, visit

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