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Press Releases


Friday, June 06, 2014
Traralgon would be one of four regional Victorian train stations to receive a Police Protective Service Officer (PSOs) under a Victorian Coalition Government, Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said today.

Mr Ryan said a Coalition Government would make Victoria’s train network safe with its Stopping Crimes in its Tracks plan, which would see 940 uniformed officers stationed across train stations in metropolitan Melbourne and major regional centres, including Traralgon, after 6pm, seven days a week.
“Under a Liberal Nationals Coalition Victorian train stations will be transformed into safe places for people to wait for and catch a train or bus,” Mr Ryan said.

“A Coalition Government will not tolerate crime, violence or anti-social behaviour on public transport.

“PSOs will be ready to respond to any threat, incident or attack that occurs on any train station from 6pm until last train.

“They will be in position to arrest, remove or impede any offenders or threatening individuals, unlike the current situation where customer service staff are told not to get involved in any incidents, and Victorians are left alone on stations. “

Mr Ryan said PSOs are not security guards, but armed and trained members of Victoria Police who will provide safety and confidence to all train users.

“Under a Coalition Government anyone in the vicinity of a train station will know that if they can get to a train station they will find trained and armed Victoria Police Protective Services Officers with the skills and the powers to keep them safe,’ he said.

“Train stations will be safe, secure and patrolled under a Baillieu-Ryan Government.

“10 years of neglect from the Labor Government has resulted in a significant increase in violent crime on Victoria’s streets and it is time Victorian’s stood up and said ‘this is not good enough’.”

Nationals Member for Morwell Russell Northe supported the Coalition’s plan for a PSO at the Traralgon train station, saying it highlighted how a Coalition Government would govern for all of Victoria, not just those who live in Melbourne.

“Morwell and Traralgon commuters will benefit from a further 100 extra Transit Safety Division Officers that will parole the train, tram and bus network from first to last train.

“A Liberal Coalition Government would not forget about the country. A safe public transport system is vital to not only those who live in Melbourne, but also to the many thousands of regional and rural Victorians,” Mr Northe said.

Mr Northe said the trained PSO’s would further encourage regional and rural Victorians to use V/Line and the Metropolitan transport network.

“Under a Coalition Government regional train users will feel safe and secure,” Mr Northe said.

“Knowing that train stations will be safe in both regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne will encourage many more residents, particularly Gippsland residents, to use our train networks when travelling to and from the city,” he said.