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Regional Growth Fund delivers Bendigo’s Events & Exhibition Complex

* * - Tuesday, July 22, 2014
  • Regional Growth Fund invests $2 million for $3.38 million Events and Exhibition Centre
  • Centre means more events and visitors and tourist dollars for Bendigo
  • Victorian Coalition Government building a better regional Victoria

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development, Peter Ryan today opened the new $3.38 million Bendigo Events & Exhibition Complex at the Bendigo Showgrounds.

Speaking at the Showgrounds, Mr Ryan said the project was part of the Bendigo Showground Masterplan and had received a $2 million investment from the Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund. 

“This project delivered an exhibition pavilion of more than 6000 square metres, with meeting rooms and a kitchen,” Mr Ryan said.

“This new pavilion can be used for large scale animal and agricultural events, including national and international equestrian events.

“The new centre will boost local businesses by increasing the number of events and visitors bringing their tourist dollars to Bendigo.

“The $1 billion Regional Growth Fund continues to invest in community-led projects, strategically driving jobs and investment in rural and regional Victoria. 

“Since it was established in 2011, the Regional Growth Fund has delivered almost $420 million, generating around $1.6 billion of total investment across more than 1500 projects.” 

“In Bendigo, the Regional Growth Fund has invested $14.01 million to 27 projects, leveraging $58.1 million in total investment. This includes $2 million for the $9.12 million Bendigo Library and Community Hub; $350,000 for the $430,000 Leveraging the Benefits of the Bendigo Hospital Redevelopment, and $200,000 for the $756,362 Safe Transport Space project.” 

Media contact: Les White    0409 805 122    

Regional Growth Fund reaches new milestone

* * - Wednesday, July 16, 2014


  • Regional Growth Fund delivers a record 1,500 projects
  • RGF has delivered almost $420 million, leveraging $1.7 billion in investment
  • Coalition Government achieves in three years what Labor couldn’t in 11

The Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund reached its 1,500th project milestone today.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan joined Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development Peter Crisp in Mildura today to announce the Coalition Government would invest $150,000 in Nangiloc Colignan Farms’ $1.5 million expansion, the Regional Growth Fund’s 1,500th project.

Mr Ryan said the Coalition Government’s $150,000 investment enabled Nangiloc Colignan Farms to complete a $1.5 million expansion, creating 12 permanent jobs, 42 harvest jobs, and boosting exports by $7 million a year.

Mr Ryan said this project was indicative of the types of projects the Regional Growth Fund was investing in to create new jobs and investment right across regional and rural Victoria.

“The Regional Growth Fund is designed specifically to invest in communities in regional and rural Victoria; Melbourne cannot access it,” Mr Ryan said.

“Over the past three years, the Regional Growth Fund has invested almost $420 million to support 1,500 projects, leveraging $1.7 billion in total investment.

“Compare this with the former Labor Government’s failed Regional Infrastructure Development Fund which provided a total of $600 million over 11 years and generated just $1.6 billion in total leveraged investment.

“The Coalition Government has achieved more in regional and rural Victoria in three years than the Labor Party achieved in its entire 11 years of government, and with $200 million less.

“Imagine what the Coalition Government can achieve in eight years with $1 billion.

Mr Ryan said of the Regional Growth Fund’s 1,500 investments, 86 were major infrastructure projects, receiving $180 million in direct assistance to generate more than $1.1 billion in total investment.

Mr Ryan said these 86 infrastructure projects would create more than 5,000 direct and 11,000 indirect jobs, while an extra 7,800 jobs were retained and 3,800 created during construction.

“It is not just large infrastructure projects; the Regional Growth Fund is also investing in key local priorities such as hall upgrades, new parks and gardens, rail trails, tourism projects, repairing historic buildings and new community hubs,” Mr Ryan said.

“We are helping local councils build and repair bridges, footpaths and roads, and enabling local businesses and farms to boost exports and create new jobs.

“They key to the Regional Growth Fund is that we don’t dictate to communities what sorts of projects it should fund – they tell us.

“This ensures the Regional Growth Fund is investing in projects that are championed by the community and delivering real benefits to local people.”

Mr Ryan said another exciting component of the Regional Growth Fund was the $100 million set aside to extend natural gas to regional and rural communities.

Agreements have been reached to supply Avoca, Huntly, Bannockburn, Winchelsea, Wandong-Heathcote Junction and Koo Wee Rup, while Mildura’s capacity will be increased by 50 per cent.

Mr Ryan said the Coalition Government’s roll-out would continue through the $85 million Request for Tender to deliver reticulated natural gas via CNG and LNG solutions to remaining priority towns and Murray River communities, communities Labor turned its back on.

“Jacinta Allan said the Coalition Government couldn’t sensibly connect any more regional communities to natural gas and described our Energy for the Regions Program as a hoax,” Mr Ryan said.

“I am proud to say this is not a hoax and many communities across regional and rural Victoria will soon be cooking with piped natural gas.”

Mr Ryan said a further $500 million from the Regional Growth Fund would be available over the next term of government and The Nationals, as part of a Coalition Government, was keen to continue its work with communities to deliver even more key local projects.

“When the regions do well, Victoria does well, and that’s why the Regional Growth Fund was established – to deliver for people in rural and regional Victoria.”

Media contact: Ben Bulmer 0437 547 731

Regional Growth Fund delivers its 1,500th project

* * - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

  • $1 billion Regional Growth Fund invests in a record 1,500 projects
  • RGF invests $150,000 for cool room expansion at Nangiloc Colignan Farms
  • Project to create 12 permanent jobs and 42 harvest jobs

    The Victorian Coalition Government’s $ 1 billion Regional Growth Fund reached a major milestone in Mildura today, delivering its 1,500th project.

    Deputy Premier and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan attended a Regional Business Leaders Forum in Mildura, where he announced the Coalition Government would invest $150,000 from the Regional Growth Fund to support an expansion at Nangiloc Colignan Farms.

    Mr Ryan, who was joined by The Nationals Member for Mildura Peter Crisp, said the $1.2 million Nangiloc Colignan Farms expansion would create 12 permanent jobs, 42 harvest jobs and included construction of:
  • a new cool-room packing facility;
  • an additional cool-room storage facility; and
  • an additional hardstand and internal road infrastructure for the loading of containers in a dust free environment.

    Mr Ryan said the cool-room packing facility would be used for the packing, lidding, labelling and shrink-wrapping of up to 10,000 boxes of grapes per day.

    Mr Ryan said the cool-room storage facility would hold packed and processed fruit ready for export to countries including, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Russia.

    “We are proud to invest in this expansion project which ensures Nangiloc Colignan Farms can continue producing high quality grapes as well as packed and processed fruit,” Mr Ryan said.

    “It means the company can continue to meet the standard its export customers have come to know and expect of fruit supplied by Nangiloc Colignan Farms.

    “It also enables Nangiloc Colignan Farms to increase its international customer base, with exports expected to grow by more than $7 million per year as a direct result of this expansion.”

    Mr Crisp thanked the Deputy Premier for the Coalition Government’s continued support of the region, particularly through the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund.

    “Securing 12 new permanent jobs and 42 harvest jobs as a direct result of this investment is a win for the region, as is the more than $1.6 million a year which will be injected into the local economy in new wages,” Mr Crisp said.

    “The investment secures the future of this processing facility here in Colignan and provides another shot in the arm for the fruit processing industry here in the Sunraysia region.”

    Mr Crisp said the cool room expansion project would be completed by May 2015 and he looked forward to working with the company and other local fruit processors to identify further areas for growth.

    Mr Ryan paid tribute to Mr Crisp’s unwavering determination to promote his region and secure funding for Sunraysia communities.

    “Peter Crisp is always the first in line to advocate for key local projects that can be supported through the Regional Growth Fund,” Mr Ryan said.

    “Peter Crisp has managed to secure more than $35 million in investment for his community through the Regional Growth Fund, delivering more than 30 local projects which have generated $222 million in total leveraged investment.

    “His wins have included $12 million for the $18.3 million Mildura Riverfront Parklands Project, $5.2 million for the $6.4 million Mildura Airport Terminal Redevelopment, and $500,000 for the $1.8 million Merbein Community Hub.”


Media contact: Ben Bulmer 0437 547 731

Regional Growth Fund progresses Mildura Motorsports precinct plan

* * - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

  • Development of Mildura Motorsports precinct is a step closer
  • Victorian Coalition Government invests $103,000 to complete business case
  • Coalition Government invests record funding to support local communities

    Development of the much-anticipated Mildura Motorsports precinct is a step closer, with the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government announcing today that it would invest more than $100,000 to complete a detailed business case.

    Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan joined The Nationals Member for Mildura Peter Crisp in Mildura to announce the $103,000 investment from the Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund.

    Mr Ryan said the $195,000 Mildura Motorsports Precinct Business Case would build on the recommendations of the 2011 North West Victorian Motorsports Feasibility Study, which looked at further developing motorsports in Mildura.

    “Motorsports are incredibly popular in and around Mildura with participation rates four times the national average, which contributes more than $21 million a year to the local economy,” Mr Ryan said.

    “The development of a motorsports precinct, including the co-location of up to nine local motorsports clubs to the one site could grow this economic benefit to well over $60 million per year.

    “The Coalition Government recognise this potential for growth and we are keen to work with the community to grow the motorsports industry locally.”

    Mr Crisp welcomed the investment to develop a business case, saying it would lay-out a detailed and staged development plan for a motorsports precinct at Block H in Koorlong, 11 kilometres south of Mildura.

    “This investment is an important next step towards securing a first- rate motorsports precinct here in Mildura,” Mr Crisp said.

    “The business case will look at the design, cost and placement of a bitumen raceway for cars and motorbikes, a skid pan, required utilities and infrastructure and the co-location of up to nine motorsports clubs at the facility.

    “It will also investigate opportunities to partner with local police to deliver rehabilitation programs for repeat traffic offenders, youth programs and the potential to host motorsports courses through SUNITAFE.

    “Developing a motorsports precinct has the potential to provide long-term benefits to the region and I will to continue to advocate strongly for the community to ensure it is progressed.”

    Mr Ryan thanked the various funding partners including the Mildura Rural City Council, which is contributing $37,500 towards the business case, CAMS, which is providing $40,000 of in-kind support, and HM Leisure Planning, which is providing $14,500 of in-kind support.

    Mr Ryan said the Mildura Motorsports Business Case would be finalised by June 2015.

    Media contact: Ben Bulmer 0437 547 731

South Gippsland towns gain new sewerage scheme

* * - Monday, July 14, 2014
  • New sewerage system approved for Poowong, Loch and Nyora
  • The three towns will also pilot Right Water cash back incentives
  • Coalition Government building a better Victoria with affordable infrastructure

    The Victorian Coalition Government will deliver a new state-of-the-art pressure sewerage system for residents of Poowong, Loch and Nyora 18 months earlier than expected, Deputy Premier and Member for Gippsland South Peter Ryan announced on Friday.

    Local residents will also be offered cash incentives to install or upgrade rainwater tanks and other water saving devices.

    Joining residents in Nyora, Mr Ryan said he was delighted to deliver for local communities ahead of schedule.

    “Construction on the advanced pressure sewerage system for Poowong, Loch and Nyora will begin in the coming weeks,” Mr Ryan said.

    “South Gippsland Water, in conjunction with South East Water, have planning well underway.

    “Under the new system, wastewater generated by the three towns will be treated at South East Water’s Lang Lang water recycling plant.

    “All properties are expected to be connected by 30 June 2016 – 18 months ahead of previous estimates.

    “The new system will help improve Poowong, Loch and Nyora by minimising the risk of household sewerage polluting the environment through ageing, failing and poorly maintained septic tanks.”

    The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Danny O’Brien said residents of Poowong, Loch and Nyora would be encouraged to adopt the Right Water principles, ensuring they were using the right water for the job at home.

    “The Coalition Government’s Right Water campaign shows how easy it is to use the right water for the job around the home. For example, rainwater from the roof is a great way to keep gardens green, to wash the car and even to flush the toilets inside,” Mr O’Brien said.

    “Poowong, Loch and Nyora residents will be offered cash back incentives for upgrading or installing rainwater tanks and water-efficient products that minimise use of precious drinking water for showering, washing clothes, flushing toilets and watering gardens.

    “The Coalition has not only delivered this win for Loch, Nyora and Poowong residents, it has delivered it ahead of time.

    “Contrast our sensible and affordable water policies and projects to a multi-billion dollar, unused, over time and over budget desalination plant and the plugged north-south pipeline.”

    Residents wanting more information on the new sewerage scheme and the Right Water cash back incentives can call 1300 851 636.

    Media contact: Kate Lancaster 0428 921 404 

Regional Growth Fund delivers for Nagambie

* * - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

  • $500,000 investment to position Nagambie as a tourist destination 
  • New roundabout, road upgrade, landscaping and outdoor dining 
  • Victorian Coalition Government investing in regional communities

The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will invest $500,000 in stage one of the $837,000 redevelopment of the Nagambie town centre, Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan announced yesterday.

Following the completion of the Nagambie bypass in 2013, the local community has been keen for the town to reposition itself from a highway rest stop destination to a genuine visitor destination.

Responding to this call, Mr Ryan was joined by The Nationals candidate for Euroa Steph Ryan and Member for Benalla Bill Sykes in Nagambie to announce the Coalition Government’s $500,000 investment through the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund.

Mr Ryan said the redevelopment of the town centre would include a new roundabout at the southern entrance to Nagambie, road upgrades, landscaping works, and the creation of new outdoor dining areas to encourage buses and recreation vehicles to stop in the town.

“Now that the Nagambie bypass has been completed, the community is keen to transition the town from a drive-through destination to a visitor destination,” Mr Ryan said.

“Nagambie has many great attractions including the magnificent Nagambie Lakes, its proximity to the Strathbogie Ranges, world class food and wine, and a life size bronze statue of the world famous mare Black Caviar.

“As a government, we are enabling the community to capitalise on its many great attractions, ensuring Nagambie becomes a central hub for visitors to the region.

“By encouraging more visitors into town, we are putting locals first and supporting local businesses and local jobs.”

Ms Ryan welcomed the $500,000 investment and said it was another example of what The Nationals could achieve by working as part of a strong Coalition Government team.

“This project is the first stage of an exciting redevelopment that will help transform Nagambie into a vibrant visitor destination,” Ms Ryan said.

“The Strathbogie Shire Council has developed concept plans for the redevelopment of the entire length of High Street over six stages.

“I look forward to working with Peter Ryan and the Coalition Government to help secure further funding to complete additional stages of this important local project.”

Dr Sykes said the redevelopment was one of 25 projects the Regional Growth Fund had supported in the Strathbogie Shire over the past three years.

“Since the middle of 2011 the Regional Growth Fund has delivered more than $400 million across regional and rural Victoria, generating well over $1.6 billion in total investment across almost 1,500 projects,” Dr Sykes said.

“Through the Regional Growth Fund we have been able to secure funding for many important local projects including vital funding to carry out landscaping works at the Black Caviar statue site.”

Dr Sykes said stage one of Nagambie town centre redevelopment would be completed by the middle of next year.

Media contact: Ben Bulmer 0437 547 731

Regional Growth Fund supports museum study

* * - Thursday, July 03, 2014

  • Shepparton Art Museum exploring expansion options 
  • Australia’s largest ceramic collection will no longer be held in storage 
  • Victorian Coalition Government supporting community projects in Shepparton

The popular Shepparton Art Museum has an extensive collection of 4,000 pieces of art, including Australia’s largest ceramics collection, however it can only display a maximum of 200 at any one time.

This could all change thanks to the Victorian Coalition Government’s announcement today that it will fund a feasibility study to examine options for an expansion of the iconic museum.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan visited the Shepparton Art Museum to announce the Coalition Government would invest $125,000 from the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund to help fund the feasibility study.

Mr Ryan, who was joined by The Nationals candidate for Shepparton Greg Barr and Member for Shepparton Jeanette Powell in Shepparton today, said all options would be explored to enable the museum to reach its maximum potential.

“The Shepparton Art Museum has one of the most impressive collections of art in regional Victoria, however its limited size means only a fraction of this artwork can be displayed at any one time,” Mr Ryan said.

“The museum is unable to capitalise on its extensive ceramics collection, missing out on opportunities to attract art lovers to Shepparton to view these unique pieces of art.

“Not only is the museum’s ability to display artwork limited, its storage facility and workshop are both at maximum capacity meaning acquiring new pieces is problematic.

“The museum also lacks a function room, a community gallery space to showcase the region’s many talented artists, and there is no designated children’s area.”

Mr Ryan said the Shepparton community had asked the Coalition Government to support a feasibility study to look at ways to expand the museum and recommend the preferred option to address its space, capacity and size constraints.

“The Coalition Government is eager to help the Shepparton community capitalise on its strengths in whatever way we can and I am proud to be here to announce our funding support for this important study,” Mr Ryan said.

Mr Barr said the study would identify and assess all available options for the museum to better enable it to host events, functions and exhibition openings and showcase its ceramics and Indigenous art collections.

“The preferred option will be the one that can cater for a growing population and has the greatest potential to attract visitors and school groups to Shepparton to experience this wonderful collection,” Mr Barr said.

Mrs Powell welcomed the Coalition Government’s investment and thanked the Greater Shepparton City Council, which also announced today that it would contribute $125,000 to the study.

“This investment is another terrific example of the Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund enabling the Greater Shepparton City Council to deliver important community projects,” Mrs Powell said.

“It is one of 25 projects in Shepparton that we have supported through our Regional Growth Fund, which has now invested almost $10 million directly into the community to generate around $93 million in total leveraged investment.”

Mrs Powell said the Shepparton Art Museum Feasibility Study would be completed by the middle of 2015.

Media contact: Ben Bulmer 0437 547 731

$12 million on offer to Engage young locals

* * - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

  • Victorian Coalition Government invests $12 million to help young Victorians reach their potential
  • Program initiatives include volunteering, mentoring and real life skills
  • Local organisations can apply for up to $150,000

Deputy Premier and The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Peter Ryan today announced that the Victorian Coalition Government would invest $12 million into the Engage program to help young Victorians build skills needed for life after school.

Mr Ryan said the Engage program offered grants of up to $150,000 to local community organisations and councils to help young people become more involved with their local communities.

“The funding will support organisations and councils to deliver a wide range of initiatives including volunteering and mentoring programs, and projects that boost real-life skills and connect young people to further education, training or careers,” Mr Ryan said.

“Through these projects, young people have the opportunity to become more connected to their community, become engaged in education, training and career pathways and have an opportunity to build their networks.

“The program provides local groups with the practical resources they need to listen, respond and create opportunities for young Gippslanders so that they can fulfil their potential,” Mr Ryan said.

“I urge local groups to submit an Engage grant application to enable them to conduct programs to engage younger members of their communities and help them to build skills that they can use in future community service ventures and employment.”

Mr Ryan said the Coalition Government’s $12 million 2015 - 2017 Engage program was another example of this government’s commitment to providing young Victorians with more opportunities to become involved in their communities.

“Since 2012, more than 100,000 young Victorians have been involved in Engage, highlighting the success of the program,” Mr Ryan said.

Minister for Youth Affairs Ryan Smith encouraged organisations to reach out to young people in the community and work with them to develop innovative projects that could be eligible for an Engage grant.

“Through this Coalition Government program, Victoria’s young people will have access to fantastic initiatives that help develop new skills and networks,” Mr Smith said.

The Engage program is part of the Coalition Government’s Youth Statement, Engage, Involve, Create that outlines its vision for young Victorians.

Applications close on Friday 1 August 2014. For more information or to apply, visit

Media contact: Steph Nicholls 0437 108 870

Coalition helping to tell Leongatha’s story

* * - Friday, June 20, 2014

  • Local history group received more than $5000 for history plaques
  • Grant will help locals and visitors learn about Leongatha’s past
  • Coalition Government enriching communities and preserving history

The Leongatha community will be better placed to learn about the town’s past, with the Victorian Liberal National Coalition Government providing more than $5,000 for the Leongatha Historic Plaque Project.

Deputy Premier and The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Peter Ryan said the $5,345 grant to the Leongatha and District Historical Society would enable the group to install 10 plaques around the town that explained the historical significance of certain sites and buildings.

“The Leongatha and District Historical Society plays an important role in the community and this project will not only help to bring to light some of the research the group does, but tell the story of our region as well,” Mr Ryan said.

“Once these plaques are installed, they will enhance the historical understanding of sites and buildings for locals and also give visitors an overview of the town’s history.”

Mr Ryan said the Leongatha group was one of 63 Victorian community organisations, ranging from schools and libraries, to sporting clubs and museums to share in close to $350,000 in grants through the 2014 round of the Local History Grants program.

“The program supports projects that tell stories from communities across Victoria to help us gain an understanding of our state and our people,” Mr Ryan said.

Secretary of the historical society, Lynette Skillern said the society had shortlisted sites and buildings of where they’d like to install plaques.

“Currently, we’re in the process of contacting owners of the buildings to see if they’re interested in having one of these plaques installed,” Ms Skillern said.

“One example of where we’ll install a plaque is at the Bills Horse Trough at the Leongatha Recreation Reserve.

“These iconic troughs were funded by members of the Bills family and installed in many towns so that horses would have a place to drink on arrival.”

Ms Skillern said people wanting to learn more about the town’s history could visit the Leongatha Historical Society (in McCartin Street) on Thursday or Friday afternoons between noon and 4pm.

The Local History Grants Program is managed by the Public Record Office Victoria and further information on the grants can be found at

Media contact: Steph Nicholls 0437 108 870

$1 billion Regional Growth Fund upgrades Yanakie reserve and community hall

* * - Friday, June 20, 2014

  • Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund improves Yanakie Recreation Reserve and Yanakie Community Hall 
  • New playground, shelter, furniture for the reserve 
  • New toilets plus heating and cooling for the hall

Visitors to South Gippsland and Wilson’s Promontory will have another great reason to stop and explore Yanakie thanks to a Regional Growth Fund upgrade of the Yanakie Recreation Reserve and Yanakie Community Hall.

The Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund has invested $300,000 to make the $400,000 upgrade become a reality.

Speaking in Yanakie, Deputy Premier and The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Peter Ryan said the Yanakie Recreation Reserve was already a centre of community activity due to its sporting facilities, which include tennis courts.

The Yanakie Community Hall is located at the reserve and is an important meeting place for the local community.

“Yanakie is often the last rest stop for tourists on their way to or from Wilson’s Prom,” Mr Ryan said.

“As well as providing much better facilities for the locals, this project will make the area a much more inviting place for tourists to stop, rest, and spend money in local shops, which are a short walk away.

“New signs will direct tourists to local tourist attractions, so they can spend even more money in our region, or can return for another visit.

“At the reserve, the playground equipment and current shelter will both be replaced with brand new facilities.

“New park furniture will be installed, the area will be landscaped and new pathways will be built.

“Improvements to the hall include new toilets which will provide all abilities access, the installation of heating and cooling, a new hot water system and new doors.”

The project will be managed by South Gippsland Shire Council and importantly, local contractors will be engaged for all works, so the money invested flows through to the local community. The project is expected to be complete by July 2015.

Along with the Regional Growth Fund’s $300,000 investment, the South Gippsland Shire Council contributed $90,000 and the Yanakie Recreation Reserve Committee of Management chipped in $10,000.

The Nationals Upper House Member for Eastern Victoria Region Danny O’Brien said the Nationals had driven the creation of the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund to invest in projects such as this.

“The Regional Growth Fund is investing in community-led projects to strategically drive jobs, investment and innovation in rural and regional Victoria,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Since it was established in 2011, the Regional Growth Fund has delivered more than $400 million, generating around $1.6 billion of total investment across more than 1500 projects.

“In South Gippsland Shire, the Regional Growth Fund has invested $13.1 million into 34 projects which are worth a total of $59.3 million of investment to the local community.

“For example, the Regional Growth Fund invested $2 million into the $2.9 million Great Southern Rail Trail Extension (Foster to Welshpool); $1.5 million for the $21.9 million Burra Foods, Infant Formula Water Initiatives, and $1.5 million for the $22 million Murray Goulburn, Leongatha Site and Energy Infrastructure Project.”

Media contact: Steph Nicholls 0437 108 870

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